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terça-feira, 15 de fevereiro de 2022

24 dicas de livros disponíveis na plataforma CAB eBooks


Selecionamos 24 ebooks sobre agricultura e ciências da vida aplicadas da CAB International. Acesse e descubra muito mais títulos interessantes: 

  1. Applied crop physiology: understanding the fundamentals of grain crop management
  2. Sweet cherries
  3. Hydroponics and protected cultivation: a practical guide
  4. Guava: botany, production and uses
  5. Nutrition and feeding of organic cattle
  6. Molecular breeding in wheat, maize and sorghum: strategies for improving abiotic stress tolerance and yield
  7. Crop pollination by bees, V.1: Evolution, ecology, conservation, and management
  8. Techniques for work with plant and soil nematodes
  9. Insects as animal feed: novel ingredients for use in pet, aquaculture and livestock diets
  10. The pomegranate: botany, production and uses
  11. Diagnosing hemp and cannabis crop diseases
  12. Bridging research disciplines to advance animal welfare science: a practical guide
  13. Urban ecology: its nature and challenges
  14. Carrots and related Apiaceae crops, 2nd edition
  15. Transcriptomics in entomological research
  16. Gene flow: monitoring, modeling and mitigation
  17. Plant invasions: the role of biotic interactions
  18. Ecology of freshwater nematodes
  19. Food gardens for a changing world
  20. Cut flowers and foliages
  21. The papaya: botany, production and uses
  22. Field trials in oil palm breeding: a manual
  23. Tropical root and tuber crops: cassava, sweet potato, yams and aroids
  24. Cucurbits

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